It’s official, the Brew Bike has made it way to Reno.  Pedal or just kick back … now Reno residents will be able to experience the local brew pub scene in a whole new way.

Whether it’s birthdays, mixers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or team building/corporate events, our customers experience a new and social way to travel and drink the best Reno has to offer!

Reno Brew Bike is a small local company run by local resident Duke Bristow.  We are committed to providing the ultimate brew and bites experience by partnering with some of Reno’s finest local tasting establishments. Join us on the original and only partybike as we roll through town, and share in our enthusiasm for exercise, food, drink, and FUN!

2 thoughts on “The New Brew Bike in Reno!

  1. hmmm nice and cool

  2. Pretty innovative idea. I’ve seen some cool stuff like this in Bend Oregon. But I wouldn’t have thought to do it in Reno. Is it going well? Are you getting enough attention to make money? I will put it on my list of ‘things to do in Reno”. In fact, I’ll give a write-up on my personal blog about it too. Kudos for your creativity!

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